Kyiv Film Festival

von Thomas Nolden

Triptychon 2022 / A film by Thomas Josef Roth

An experimental film that portrays three contemporary artists and the diversity of their materials and techniques. The painter Thomas Nolden (Cologne) finds inspiration in the complex textures of his natural surroundings as well as in the medieval paintings by Matthias Grünewald and his Isenheim Altarpiece. The process of absorbing forms and fabrics is for him as important as the actual painting act itself. The visual artist Prudence Audié (Paris) had studied philosophy and in her installations and sculptures she transforms mythological themes in an often playful and lyrical way. Her aim is to give back to the world of objects some of their inherit magic that has been lost in an increasingly factual and disenchanted world. Dancer Anna Barth (Berlin) studied with the founder of the Butoh dance Kazuo Ohno in Japan and her performance in the film is dedicated to the death of her former neighbor, a woman who had committed suicide by jumping out of her window. This Butoh dance is a corporeal meditation on life and death, on despair and spiritual redemption. Through poetic images and an often patient rhythm TRIPTYCHON 2022 makes the universe of these three artists intelligible and invites the audience to engage in a concentrated way of viewing.

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